Interview Scheduling How To Customize The Interview Invitation

How To Customize The Interview Invitation

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Step 1:

Login to the Administrator or a Super User account.

The administrative account is the original user who created the account with interviewer assistant.

Additional users can be added later as licensed accounts as Super User, who can make the changes described below, and Member, who cannot make the changes described below.

Step 2:

Click on your company's name to expand the company submenu:

View Company Submenu by Expanding Company Menu

Then click on Global Settings:

Where To Find Global Settings

Step 3:

From the list of options find "Interview Invitation Text", and click on modify

Modifying Interview Invitation Text

Step 4:

Clicking on the first button will turn this option on using the custom text you specify. When the option shows as Yes, that means the option is active.

Type in the custom text you wish to attach to each email invitation.

Finally press Save to finish.

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