Interview Scheduling custom notices

Jan 3rd 2021

Interview scheduling with customized invitations and confirmation notices


A good interview scheduling tool results in a process that is not only easier for recruiters, but also for candidates. Interview emails and confirmation notices should be easy to understand, informative and properly branded with your organization’s logo.

Interviewer Assistant gives you two options when generating interview invitations for online interview scheduling:

  • Email Invitations – Interviewer Assistant provides you with a template you can use as is, or edit to meet your needs. This email will include all the important information your candidates will need to make their interview time selection and be prepared for their interview. You can add any additional items that might be unique to that interview or to your recruiting environment.
  • Copy/Paste Link – additionally, you have the option to copy and paste the link that brings your candidates directly to the interview scheduling calendar. The advantage being that you can embed this link in any pre-existing templates or forms you use to schedule interviews for your candidates.



Interview scheduling software should always include an automatic confirmation notice so your candidates aren’t left wondering if their interview was scheduled properly. For this reason Interviewer Assistant provides you with:

  • Customizable Automatic Confirmation Notices – confirmation notices your candidates automatically receive after they select their interview time and date. Attractively customized with your organization’s logo, these notices are easily accessible to your candidates via their email.



In addition to customizable invitations and confirmations, Interviewer Assistant gives you and your candidates the ability to schedule reminder notices – extra piece of assurance that your candidates will enjoy the interview scheduling experience and not miss their interview time.

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