Interview Scheduling Invite Your Candidates To Your Interviews With Custom Invitations

Invite Your Candidates To Your Interviews With Custom Invitations

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At the end of the Interview Creation process, you will be able to use Interviewer Assistant's customizable, pre-formatted invitation template to quickly and confidentially invite all your applicants in one step. This invitation will be visibly attractive (including your company logo) as well as user friendly for your candidates.

Alternatively, you can use the auto-generated hyperlink to copy and paste into your own email invitations.

Custom Confirmation

Candidates receiving your invitation will simply click on the available dates and select the time that they prefer. As times are selected, they will cease to display as options for other candidates. As a first come, first serve interview scheduling process, candidates will make their selections very quickly. Candidates can still contact you by using the "message center" link, or by the contact info you choose to include in the customizable section of the invitation.

Upon completion of their interview time selection, candidates will automatically receive their email confirmation. This preformatted confirmation will contain everything they need to know to be prepared for their interview. In addition to the standard information (time, location, options to choose different times), the confirmation email is easily customized by the recruiter to add any additional information that may be required.

You and your candidates will enjoy how quickly and efficiently this interview scheduling process occurs.

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