Interview Scheduling What is Interviewer Assistant?

What is Interviewer Assistant?

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Interviewer Assistant is an interview scheduling tool specifically for recruiters

  • Online interview scheduling is more efficient than contacting every single candidate.

Scheduling interviews with Interviewer Assistant is faster and easier for recruiters as well as more convenient for interview candidates.

How does Interviewer Assistant work?

Recruiters can quickly and easily schedule 100s of candidates with no phone calls using our quick and easy interview scheduling process:

  1. Recruiter creates interview (simple 3 step process that takes a few minutes)
  2. Recruiter sends email invites to candidates (quickly and easily)
  3. Candidates self-schedule from available interview times and dates

The candidate experience has been engineered to ensure it straight forward and friendly. The result is high response rates from candidates, and reduced questions and direct follow-ups. You will be surprised how fast candidates schedule themselves (largely due to our mobile device friendly interface).

Why is an online interview scheduling Tool best for recruitment?

Interviewer Assistant was designed by recruiters for recruiters – it’s just for interview scheduling. As a result, it’s easy for Human Resource professionals to use and it has features you want for scheduling interviews online such as:

  • confidentiality – candidates can view only their information
  • simplicity – just an interview scheduler designed for recruiters (not IT professionals)
  • branding - you brand your interview invitations with your logo and custom URL
  • customization – you decide how your invitations and confirmation notices look
  • candidate friendly – easy for candidates to use and works great with smart phones
  • features – numerous recruitment specific features such as:
    • attaching job descriptions
    • scheduling mass reminders
    • multiple time zone interview scheduling
    • tracking who has not selected an interview time
    • as well as many other recruitment specific features

Is Interviewer Assistant ideal for you?

Organizations of all sizes and industries currently use Interviewer Assistant as their interview scheduling software, but this doesn’t mean it’s the right interview scheduler for your organization. Interviewer Assistant could be right for you if you are engaged in recruitment that is:

  • High Volume – easily works with interviews involving 1000’s of candidates
  • Seasonal – Grad School admissions, summer positions, holiday retail season hiring, etc.
  • Mass Hiring – start-ups and expansions are easier with Interviewer Assistant.

If Interviewer Assistant sounds like the right interview scheduling software for you - try a 30 day free trial.

The next thing for you to do to ensure Interviewer Assistant is the right interview scheduling tool for you is to sign up for the 30 day free trial. We require all customers to take advantage of the no obligation, free trial to ensure that we are the right interview scheduler for them. Free trial accounts are the same as paid subscriptions but limited to 30 days, so you can truly test drive the full scheduling tool. All accounts (free and paid) include:

  • Immediate Access – as soon as you sign up, you can schedule (nothing to install).
  • Unlimited Interviews and Invites – unlimited interviews and invites for the duration of that account.
  • monthly or yearly durations if you only need an account for two months a year pay year.
  • No obligations to purchase or use Interviewer Assistant beyond the 30 day free trial

To try a 30 day free trial of Interviewer Assistant, please click here:
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