Interview Scheduling Frequently Asked Questions

What types of organizations would use Interviewer Assistant?

Any organization that schedules interviews and finds the traditional phone call approach to be inefficient would benefit from using Interviewer Assistant. Government, Health Care, Education, Retail and Hospitality (among others) are industries that have booked interviews with Interviewer Assistant.

Can I use Interviewer Assistant to schedule general meetings as opposed to interviews?

Possibly, it was not designed for this purpose, but if in doubt, you could sign up for the free trial to see if it will meet your specific scheduling needs.

Is there a limit to how many interviews I can book or how many applicants I can invite?

Interviews and invitations are unlimited for the duration of an account.

How will candidates know the invite is coming from my company and not from Interviewer Assistant?

Invitations and confirmations will be branded with your company logo. Additionally, the url for the interview invite received by your candidates will included your company name. With both invitations and confirmations, they are customizable so you can add whatever text you like.

Will interviewees be able to see any information about the other candidates?

No information about the other interviewees is accessible to a candidate. Candidates for the same interview will not even know how many other people have been invited to the interview.

Do candidates who select an interview date and time get a confirmation that lets them know they have successfully booked their interview?

Candidates will automatically and instantly receive a confirmation email that provides all the information they need for their interview. You will even be able to customize this confirmation notice to add any additional information you think your candidates will need.

What if I don't want to create individual interviews, but would rather send applicant's all the open times in a recruiters calendar so they can pick a day and time?

This is done by scheduling as a "recruiter". Each recruiter you want to schedule availability for requires an additional licence. With that license, you can easily enter that recruiter's available time in Interviewer Assistant and let the candidates pick from these times. The other way to schedule candidates is on a per interview basis.

Can you provide us with names of the companies that use Interviewer Assistant?

Our policy and approach is to respect the privacy of our users (both the companies that use Interviewer Assistant and the individuals who schedule interviews through us). As a result, we will not provide information about our users to further the interests of our product. If you have questions about the applicability of Interviewer Assistant to your company, you are welcome to sign-up for the free trial or contact us directly at the email address at the bottom of the page.

Can I schedule my interviews from my mobile device?

You can use your mobile device to schedule interviews just as easily as you can use your desktop computer. Because Interviewer Assistant is web based (and not software) and it was designed for either mobile or desktop users, you can book interviews anywhere at any time.

Is there a way for me to book interviews that are not in 15 minutes increments (or that are less than 15 minutes in length)?

There is a way to book interviews in increments or lengths of less than 15 minutes. When creating your interviews using the 3 step process, choose the "Mobile Time Entry" option on step 3. You do not need to use a mobile device to use this option and it allows for interview increments with 5 minute intervals.

If I sign-up for a free trial, which features will not be available to me?

Free trial accounts are an opportunity to determine if Interviewer Assistant meets your recruitment needs, as a result, you will have access to all the features of a paid account, but for a limited time.

What is a "licence/user"?

A license/user is an individual user of Interviewer Assistant. This could be either a "recruiter" (someone who's availability is entered into Interviewer Assistant and used to book interviews, or an "administrator" (someone who can create interviews either by using a recruiter's availability or on an ad hoc basis).

What is the difference between an “account” and a “licence/user”?

An account is connected to your organization and would be tied to the licence of the individual who signs up. An organization will have one account, but could have multiple licences connected to that account. Each license is connected to a different individual who is either a recruiter (for booking recruiter availability) or an administrator (for booking interviews).

How soon after signing up until I can start scheduling interviews?

As soon as you sign-up, you will have access to your account.

How technical and complicated is Interviewer Assistant?

It’s not very technical at all. Interviewer Assistant is designed for recruiters (not IT professionals) to simplify the interview scheduling process, not make it more difficult.

Do I have to install software to use Interviewer Assistant?

No you do not. As a web-based scheduling tool, there is nothing for you to install.

What Internet Browsers can I use with my Interviewer Assistant account?

All modern browsers will work with Interviewer Assistant. Internet Explorer 7 and 8 will work but is not ideal (you may experience some impacts to page formatting and minor functionality). For best results you will want to use Internet Explorer 9 or higher or an alternate browser such as Chrome, Firefox, etc.

What if I think of a change or improvement that could make Interviewer Assistant better?

Let us hear them! We have received good ideas from customers and we have made changes as a result of some of these ideas. As long as we can do it and it makes interview scheduling easier and faster, we will consider it.

Do you have more questions?

If you have questions that aren't answered above, or ideas for how to improve Interviewer Assistant, please contact us at <a href="/support/contact" alt="contact us">Contact Us</a>

If you have questions that aren't answered above, or ideas on how to improve Interviewer Assistant, please contact us through our contact page here

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